Physics and Chemistry of Materials

Materials Chemistry affords the circle between atomic, molecular and super molecular performance and the suitable possessions of a material. It lies at the essential of frequent chemical-using productions. This transaction with the nuclear cores of the resources and how they are decided to provide particles, minerals, etc., much of possessions of electrical, attractive atoms and chemical materials change from this level of construction. The length scales involved are in angstroms. The way in which the molecules and particles are fused and prepared is central to learning the possessions and performance of any physical. The forecast for R&D progress in the organic and progressive resources manufacturing shows the educating universal reduced and the key markets the industry helps. U.S. R&D treating in elements and progressive resources is estimate to grow by 3.6% to reach $12 billion in 2014. Overall global R&D is projection to develop at a slightly higher 4.7% rate to $45 billion in 2014.


  • Diffusion in materials
  • Solid state physics
  • Atomic structure and interatomic bonding
  • Magnetism and superconductivity
  • Multifunctional materials and structures
  • Nano Scale physics

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